Sara Merkaj


Sara Merkaj (b. 1993) Italian Graphic Designer. Based in Manchester, UK. (York, UK) — (Imperia, IT) — (Mallakaster, ALB).


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Sara Merkaj (b. 1993) Italian and Albanian Graphic Designer. Currently based in Manchester, UK. (York, UK) — (Imperia, IT) — (Mallakaster, ALB).

Following my passion for Graphic Design, I moved to York, starting a BA (Hons) Graphic Design (2013 —2016), moving then to study an MA in Graphic Design and Art Direction at Manchester School of Art (2016 — 2017). Since graduating I have been working both as Freelancer and as an Outreach Assistant and Graphic Designer for the Outreach and Public Participation team at the Manchester School of Art, Manchester Metropolitan University.

My practice has an editorial approach driven by a strong narrative.

I also a strong interest in the impact of creative education and the need of a new design thinking revolution within the education system.

My work encompasses art direction, visual identity, editorial, poster design, and the collaborative making.

Clients and Collaborators
Manchester School of Art
Ideas Foundation
The Whitworth Art Gallery
The Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art
The Portico Library