︎︎︎Northern Voices

Branding, March 2021
Manchester Collective

Northern Voices is a new initiative by Manchester Collective celebrating the extraordinar artistic talent in our region – creators with distinct vision and expression, whose work is resonant and courageous.

Launching the project in 2021 is a strand of new creative commissions across different artforms, which will be made throughout the year and profiled alongside our existing collaborations. We are currently seeking artists from Greater Manchester who will bring new perspectives and ideas into our world. You, like us, will be excited by music and keen to explore how it can connect to your artistic practice.


Branding and Identity
I designed the branding and identity of Northern Voices maintaining the strong branding value of Manchester Collective. Its visual language is bold and represents the northern mancunian brick heritage.

Brand strategy, Visual Identity, Motion Graphics, Poster Design, Social Media