︎︎︎OE4BW Open Jam Jar Framework

February - October 2021

This is an openly licensed framework that can be used by educators and students to construc jam, conferences and events, fully online or blended, using creative and active learning approaches with professionals and/or students in higher education or other educational settings.

The ideas for the Open Jam Jar are based on research and practice of the #creativeHE community, the related annual #creativeHE jam and inspired and shaped further by the Global Culture Jam (GCJ) which took place at Manchester Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom in June 2021 and attracted over 1400 sign-ups from different parts of the world. Global Culture Jam is a collaborative project that aims to bring together students and staff to explore and celebrate cross-cultural learning, teaching and living through the following strands: community, sustainability, curriculum and creativity.

These were defined and agreed with the team of collaborators taking into consideration strategic institutional goals, aspirations and as well as wider higher education conversations and areas of focus and exploration that presented rich opportunities to bring diverse views and perspectives together that would be of value for organisers, the institution participants from different parts of the world and the wider academic community.

The team intends to share lessons learnt from the GCJ and make the Open Jam Jar framework available to others to re-use, adapt and re-package to create their own Jam event using the Open Jam Jar framework we have developed.

Design and Planning of Projects, Framework Development, Reporting